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Solicitor With OCD

Morris’s experimentation with magic mushrooms sheds light on the evolving landscape of mental health treatments, challenging traditional norms and paving the way for open conversations around unconventional approaches.

Campaigning For Mental Health & OCD

Campaigning for mental health and OCD is an essential step towards creating a more inclusive and understanding society. It involves raising awareness, reducing stigma, and advocating for better research and support for those affected by OCD.

My OCD, My Story!

My OCD, My Story, written by an entrepreneur that has adapted her life around her disability. Many neurodevelopmental conditions can often co-exist together, although can be treated in different ways.  OCD rears its ugly head when you find it difficult to cope with life, OCD can be onset of trauma.

Different Types of OCD

Different Types OF OCD. About the Author I want to start by saying I have suffered with OCD for the best part of 30 years. I first noticed I had issues whilst I was encountering a very traumatic relationship breakdown. The feeling of grief was just as debilitating as having someone pass away. You no […]

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