My Health Diary

I have decided to record my health in one post rather than several posts. Although I do have a personal brand (, I tend to write business reviews and vent about different things I try to keep my health issues separate. I am not embarrassed to say I have health problems but people are too quick to judge like the gas engineer that has come to my property appointed by my landlord for many years became personal and made a derogatory comment.

I do not have many changes in my health from month to month. But interacting with some people does my head in quite literally.

As an example, I wrote to a credit card company no less than 40 emails or my hosting provider that cannot read my concerns even though I have shown them evidence multiple times.

Never mind British Gas where I had to resort to many blog posts to show evidence of my calls and how it caused me emotional distress.

I have now put my phone on silent calls and on do not disturb so only people in my favorite lists can contact me directly and people that are not in my contact list get sent to voicemail which is turned off. The reason for this I am getting a lot of spoofing calls. I have also disabled my contact forms on most of my sites as I have been inundated with scammers and people asking for work. I want to control who I interact with.

December 2022

Although I should not complain that I saw my family, the stress it caused sent my OCD through the roof.

March 2023

  • I have no energy, I feel lethargic and am frustrated that I have to pee every 1 to 1.5 hours. (Caffeine Addiction).
  • I have also noticed if I bend down for longer periods of time I get electricity-shooting pain in the nape of my neck and the base of my spine.
  • I have noticed I keep losing my balance more frequently and do not have a good grip when holding things.
  • I have also noticed I am missing big chunks of sentences when I am writing.

I am also frustrated that no matter do I am only seeing a gradual change. I have asked the universe to help me, and hopefully, it will answer my prayers. Hopefully, the universe can unlock whatever is blocking it.

Some days I just do not want to do anything even though I have obligations and if I do not do anything I cannot put food on the table.

I have also noticed I have what I believe is ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’. According to the NHS website, I should get advice from my local pharmacy which is a joke as I have been on the phone for an hour and no one is picking up, the message just goes into a loop ringing for ages after being transferred to the general enquiries.

Imagine if I was an elderly person or someone vulnerable, I have just left the phone ring, good job I am not taking incoming calls and how it would affect my business if my line was engaged, I would lose business. These corporate companies do not care about people.

The saga continues with my hosting provider. I have reached out multiple times over the same issue and it seems they cannot read or basically I am dealing with stupid people.

So as of today 15/03/23 I feel overwhelmed and feel I have burnout syndrome. I just want to bury my head in the sand and let life pass me by.

Hopefully, my life will improve for the better so that I can start living a happier and healthier life. I can visualize my life vividly and I know I will get there but I need to practice being patient.

More dates will be published whenever I have any updates.

Blue Butterfly

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