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‘Disabled Entrepreneur – Disability UK’ is a SPEAKING WEBSITE for people with eyesight impairment and people suffering from Dyslexia. We talk about most disabilities and invite guest writers to contribute.

Disabled Entrepreneur -Disability UK is also a hub of information for anyone suffering from physical or mental disabilities, it is a portal for empowerment to help improve the quality of life for disabled entrepreneurs to find their purpose through creativity, productivity, motivation, and manifestation (neuroplasticity).

Statistics show there are 15 million+ disabled people in the UK and 1.85 billion+ worldwide. Many face scrutiny, unfair judgment, and often discrimination based on their disabilities and physical appearance, which causes problems in employment or for the self-employed.

Some disabilities are invisible. A person does not have to be in a wheelchair or be blind to have a disability.

Here is a list of Famous People With OCD including Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Nikola Tesla, to name a few, and I can say I am part of the gang!

Sometimes a few kind words of encouragement are all you need to boost someone’s morale”.

This journal is a hub of useful information for mental and physical disabilities and allows the reader to share their stories. This site was first developed as an online health diary and self-help therapy for the Editor who suffers from OCD and Cerebellar Atrophy (Cognitive Impairment)”, however, it has now expanded for everyone to use, for all types of illnesses and disabilities.

***NOTE – While we cannot give individual health advice, We can provide networking opportunities, work-related mentoring, and information services for self-employed disabled people and those setting up and running their small businesses. Any health issues you have must be addressed by your health provider.

“We invite anyone that has a story to share, to contact us. Your story will inspire people”!

“Be patient, be positive, be resilient, and most importantly stay focused and follow your dreams”!


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