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A: Accessible Recreation:
Accessible parks, trails, and outdoor facilities.
Adaptive sports organizations.
Cultural venues and events with disability accommodations.
A: Advocacy and Self-Advocacy:
Resources for self-advocacy training.
Disability rights activists and organizations.
Tools for becoming a disability advocate.
A: Assistive Technology:
Companies and resources for assistive devices.
Apps and software for accessibility.
Organizations providing grants or loans for assistive technology.
C: Caregiver and Family Support:
Support groups for caregivers of disabled individuals.
Respite care services.
Resources for family planning and assistance.
D: Disability Organizations:
National and international disability advocacy organizations.
Local disability support groups.
Nonprofits focused on specific disabilities (e.g., autism, blindness, deafness)
D: Discrimination
Discrimination: your rights: Types of discrimination (‘protected characteristics’) – GOV.UK (

Mind to intervene in disability discrimination case about PIP regulations – Mind

Disabled solicitor launches ground-breaking legal case over PIP discrimination – Disability News Service

High Court finds 2017 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Regulations unlawful – Public Law Project

CK v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (PIP); JM v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (PIP): [2022] UKUT 122 (AAC) ; [2023] AACR 1 – GOV.UK (

PIP handbook – GOV.UK (

Disability rights: Overview – GOV.UK (

DWP ‘may have unlawfully deprived tens of thousands of PIP claimants of back-payments’ – Disability News Service

Equality Act 2010: guidance – GOV.UK (

Disability rights and the Equality Act 2010 – GOV.UK (

When a mental health condition becomes a disability – GOV.UK (
D: Doctors: GP Surgeries
E: Educational Support:
Schools and universities with disability services.
Organizations that offer scholarships for disabled students.
Learning resources and assistive technology for students with disabilities.
E: Employment and Job Support:
Job placement agencies for people with disabilities.
Vocational rehabilitation services.
Information on workplace accommodations and ADA compliance.
F: Financial Assistance:
Information on disability benefits, grants, and subsidies.
Financial planning resources for disabled individuals and their families.
Charities and foundations offering financial assistance.
G: Government Agencies:
Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy.
Social Security Administration.
Department of Veterans Affairs for disabled veterans.
State and local disability services agencies.
Personal Independence Payments (PIP):
Universal Credit:
Tax Credits:
H: Healthcare Resources:
Rehabilitation centers and hospitals specializing in disability care.
Disability-related medical organizations and clinics.
Accessible healthcare facilities and providers.
Health & Wellbeing Useful Links
H: Housing and Accessibility:
Information on accessible housing and home modification programs.
Resources for finding accessible rentals or homes.
Organizations promoting accessible and inclusive communities.
Cardiff City Council:
Housing Benefit (CCC):
J: Journalists:

A Day In The Life Of… Rachel Charlton-Dailey, Founder of ‘The Unwritten’ (
L: Landlords & Tenants Useful Links Page
L: Legal Assistance:
Disability rights law firms.
Legal aid organizations specializing in disability cases.
Resources for understanding disability-related laws and regulations.
M: Members Of Parliament (MPs)
Series of MPs admit to suffering mental illness for the first time including OCD and postnatal depression | Daily Mail Online

Contact | Rt Hon Kevan Jones MP

Dr. Sarah Wollaston, MP | Policy Connect

Sarah Wollaston, a general practitioner and Conservative MP for Totnes, Devon | The BMJ

MP details – Dr Sarah Wollaston (

Contact information for Sir Charles Walker – MPs and Lords – UK Parliament
M: Mobility
N: News and Publications:
Disability-related magazines and news outlets.
Blogs and publications by and for individuals with disabilities.
Research and academic journals on disability studies.

Bipolar Burble Blog | Natasha Tracy – Natasha Tracy Mental Health Speaker and Educator

Mental Health Support, Resources & Information | HealthyPlace | Hope & Harmony for People with Bipolar

Meditation and Sleep Made Simple – Headspace

Mental Health Recovery Stories – OC87 Recovery Diaries

ADDitude – ADD & ADHD Symptom Tests, Signs, Treatment, Support (


Health – VICE

Verywell Health – Know More. Feel Better.
O: Ombudsman:
R: Recreation and Leisure:
Adaptive sports and recreation activities.
Accessible travel and tourism information.
Disability-friendly travel agencies.
R: Resource Directories:
Comprehensive disability resource websites.
Online directories of local services and organizations.
S: Support and Hotlines:
Crisis hotlines for individuals with disabilities.
Support groups for specific disabilities.
Mental health resources are tailored to disabled individuals.
T: Transportation Services:
Public transportation accessibility information.
Disability-friendly taxi and rideshare services.
Organizations offering transportation assistance for disabled individuals.

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