Disabled Entrepreneur UK‘ is an online magazine for a wide range of disabilities, mental and physical. The journal is meant to help motivate and inspire people. The information published can help people learn about their disabilities. It also gives people the opportunity to contribute and share their stories.

‘Disabled Entrepreneur UK’ also has a useful list of telephone numbers and links to organizations on a wide spectrum of disabilities and other resources.

“If you would like to submit any articles to us, just drop us a line and we will do our best to include your posts for publication”.

About the Editor:

My name is ‘Renata’. I am an entrepreneur first and foremost. You can learn more about me by visiting (irenata.com) I am also the founder and editor of “Disabled Entrepreneur UK”. My skills include journalism, web design, domain brokering, internet marketing, and photography.

Just because someone has a disability, physical or mental it does not make them any less of a human being or less intellectual”.

In fact, the most intelligent people of our time, have or have had some sort of disability.

Disabilities especially mental health disabilities are stereotyped and people are discriminated against because they do not fit with the norm.

Just because you have a disability it is life and you either give up or get on with it (metaphorically speaking) or you simply give up. It is just one of life’s challenges to see how well you can cope. It is a test and for me, it is just one of those things that I am not going to waste my time feeling sorry for myself but instead use my disability as a tool to teach others.

If a man that was paralyzed and unable to move, breathe, talk or swallow following a plane crash, recovered and went on to become a world-renowned motivational speaker who has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and religious organizations anything is possible. You can read all about Morris E. Goodman here.

Obviously, every disability is different and some have more obstacles to get around, but it does not stop people from following their dreams. There are so many famous people I can name that have disabilities physical and mental but it does not stop them from reaching the top. Whenever you are faced with a challenge you learn how to overcome it as I am doing.

Some disabilities such as OCD which is something I am always learning about and suffer from, it is not as uncommon as some people may think. Here is a list of Famous People With OCD to include Charles Darwin (I have two things in common, with Charles Darwin I was born in Shrewsbury, where he was born and have OCD) , Albert Einsteinand Nikola Tesla, to name a few: https://disabledentrepreneur.uk/famous-people-with-ocd I am honored to be part of the gang. However, OCD is no laughing matter it is a major handicap and is debilitating, it can seriously affect a person’s life.

“I hope in 2022 to launch my own YouTube Channel. I have many plans including launching my autobiography and neuroplasticity books which are all in the pipeline aswell as a forum, social media app and gift shop. I try to keep myself busy all the time, including all the other services that I offer such as website design, digital marketing, and content writing”.

If anything I have learned it is good to be different as being the same would be boring. Being different makes us unique. Just because I cannot do certain things, I exceed in other ways.

My brain is an evolving super computer.”

People should not hide their disabilities, in fact, they should spread awareness to help others in similar situations. Finding someone you can confide in and who understands your limitations can in fact empower you. The key to your happiness is through learning.

If you have a disability help people like yourself and help to raise funds and awareness. I am not a charity and do not raise funds per~se but will donate a percentage of the sale of my books when they get published to my chosen charities.

“Disabled Entrepreneur” is a hub of information to include physical and mental disabilities and how your disabilities should not stop you from doing the things you love doing. One can adapt to limitations and find ways to get around obstacles.

There is always a solution to every problem.

My Disabilities:

Cerebellar Atrophy, OCD, Clinical Depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dysphagia, Epidural Analgesia & Social Disconnection Disorder.

Cerebellar Atrophy & OCD are related to Multiple Sclerosis which my daughter has been diagnosed with. My symptoms are cognitive impairment, I muddle my words up and forget things, I also lose my balance quite often or lose grip of things in my hands. My disabilities are complex but I manage my life around my disabilities and not the other way round.

So if you see spelling errors in my posts and in my emails, it’s not me it’s my Cerebellar Atrophy. (I have started to use Grammarly BTW).

My illnesses do not define me. I have adapted my life around my disabilities. My life is not normal by any means and I always strive to improve my lifestyle by working hard and staying focused and adapting. None of my illnesses will stop me from following my dream.

My passion is writing, web designing, domain brokering, and photography.

I have always been creative and have a good imagination, this means my right brain hemisphere is more dominant than my left. However, I have learned you can “Hemi Sync” both your left and right “Brain Hemispheres” to work together and align our thought process.

I am an optimist rather than a pessimist, I believe everything happens for a reason and if you want something badly enough providing you are determined enough, you will reach your goals, as long as you stay focused, learn and adapt.

I believe that by having a large network of followers and connections, as well as promoting yourself and your personal brand you will reach a wider audience as long as you have good content and people that can relate to you and what you are doing.

I believe that empowering other people not only am I helping myself, I am also helping others improve their lives.

For me helping other people is therapy.

By writing down my thoughts I release my anxieties and look at how I can overcome the problems I have got. Everyone has problems regardless if they live in a luxury mansion in Beverly Hills or in a Council House in the East End of London, everyone has to pay bills and everyone has worries.

Learning from one’s mistakes and making sure never to repeat them is important if you want to succeed. By setting goals and rewarding yourself when you reach them gives you the motivation to carry on. If you have disabilities do not let them stop you. There are solutions to every problem and you can adapt your disabilities around your work and your home, you just need to find out how.

Things people worry about:

  • Money and the future
  • Job Security
  • Relationships
  • Health

Finding solutions to problems means doing research and finding a professional counselor or clinical psychologist.

Find information on the internet, join groups and forums where like-minded people are also experiencing similar issues.

There is always someone that helps you if you know where to look.

Always take small steps and always learn something new, it may be new trade or medical updates about your disabilities, knowledge is wealth.

Remember there is always someone you can talk to and reach out if you have something on your mind.

You are never alone and there are people just waiting to give you support, all you need to do is ask.

Life is for living and not holding grudges, enjoy your life and the people closest to you. If obstacles are put in your way you need to learn how to overcome them.

“If life deals you lemons, make lemonade”.

Life is full of challenges, life would be mundane if you did not have problems to solve and obstacles to overcome.

We are here to solve problems and empower other people. What we learn we should pay forward.

You have the power to create your own destiny.

Future goals will be to publish a periodical. “All good things come to those that wait”.

I hope you enjoy this magazine as much as I will writing articles for it.

If you are struggling to find the help, just drop me a line and I will try and find the information you need to start making changes.


Life is what you make it.

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