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Shops Supporting People With Disabilities:

Our online disability shop showcases businesses in the UK primarily, but on occasion, we may also advertise businesses in Europe & in USA & Canada. We try to accommodate everyone as we do get visitors from across the pond. We will clearly mark shops farther afield so there is no confusion.

We use promote-free and paid advertisers and are mindful of import/export regulations. We tick all the boxes.

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  1. Basic Listing With A Backlink To Your Website: Free
  2. Listing With Banner AD & Backlink: £30 per annum
  3. Listing With Banner AD, Landing Page & Backlinks: £49.99 per annum
  4. Listing With Banner AD, Landing Page, Content Written By Us, Share On Social Media Groups & Pages & Backlinks: £79.99 per annum
  5. Content Writing & Digital Marketing Services: £99.99 per article.

Accessory Shops

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Airport Parking

Art Shops

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Book Shops

Wendy Keir Author

Confectionery Shops

CBD Shops

Clothes Shops

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Craft Shops

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Disability Aid Shops

Disability UK -Disabled Entrepreneur Official Shop


Food & Drink Shops


Gardening Shops

Gift Shops

Gifts USA & Canada

UK Gift Shops

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Health & Beauty Shops

Boots Vitamins

Boots Men

Boots Women

Homeware & Furnishing Shops

Home Office Shops

Computer Tech Equipment

Jewellery Shops

Merchandise Shops

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Medical Travel Insurance

Mobility Shops

Pet Shops

www.loveforyourpets.co.uk Banner AD

Specialist Shops

AliExpress EU

Telecommunication Shops & Electronics

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