Today started off with me having to write a legal notice to my client’s ex-website designers that have cyber squatted his domain name.

I then get a phone call from Argos telling me the gas cooker I ordered the other day could not be delivered. This is a nightmare of a story as originally I ordered an electric one over a month ago and I was told I needed to have fitted a 32amp wall socket which even though I paid for delivery recycling and installation they could not fit my new appliance as I did not have the right connections. So being naïve as I have not got a clue about electrics, I got myself some quotes and found out it would cost me over £500 just for re-wiring. Hence I ordered a Gas cooker a few days ago and today I get another bombshell. So I have to order my third cooker only to be told it could not be delivered until 17th December 2020.

Now reading back on the post I made on my marketing blog the other day and looking at the gesture of goodwill which was £20.00 the customer service rep gave me, today the new customer services rep only wanted to take this back the £20.00 and give me less of a refund for the difference in the price of the original cooker, but it was until I reminded her what the other women had said, she agreed to pay me the full amount of the difference of the price of the original cooker.

Now with my daughter passing her driving test yesterday she only decides to put pressure on me to buy her a car today, whilst I am trying to sort out Argos.

I felt sick in the gut for being under so much pressure and have felt ill all day. Again it is 23.49 pm and it seems the norm for me to be working late. I am taking tomorrow off.