I should start by saying that I have not gone to bed yet as its 02.49am and I am still working.

Yesterday 15/10/20 was very stressful for me, in which I was on the verge of tears trying to hold it together when I found out I need my whole house re-wired to install a new cooker I had bought from Argos about a month ago.

No where on their website did it say when buying a cooker you need to buy like for like.

Nor did it say if you do not have a 32 amp wall socket they will not install the appliance and that you would need to get a qualified electrician to rewire your home which would cost anything from £500 upwards.

I really wanted to yell at someone but I tried to compose myself long enough not to take it out on my daughter or my cat.

I could feel my body shaking like a rumbling earthquake. I was about to explode like molten lava.

Any stress I endure I notice my OCD levels increasing and find it difficult to surpress my compulsions and my obsessions.

Somedays I am like a ticking time bomb.

As the early hours of this morning turned to day and back to evening again I find myself typing away at 23.55 but waht a day its been.

I had some good news though my daughter passed her driving test. Aside of this I have been working fixing bugs all day on a couple of my blogs and networking, but I can safetly say I am going to now knock this on the head for tonight and get myself a relatively earling night.