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Disabled Entrepreneur Editor Faces Discrimination and Rejection by DWP’s PIP

In a shocking turn of events, the esteemed editor of the “Disabled Entrepreneur” and “Disability UK Online Journal” has been subjected to discrimination and humiliation by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over her Personal Independence Payments (PIP) claim. Despite battling obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for over three decades, her claim was unjustly rejected, with assessors deeming her as fit as an able-bodied individual without considering the overwhelming medical evidence at their disposal.

This courageous editor, who has valiantly confronted the challenges of OCD, Clinical Depression, and Cerebellar Atrophy, has not only managed to maintain her professional life but has also transformed her struggles into a source of inspiration for countless individuals with disabilities. The online platform she created, “Disabled Entrepreneur,” originally conceived as a form of self-help therapy, has evolved into a powerful tool for empowerment and support for disabled individuals striving to carve their path in the business world.

In her quest for medical assistance, the NHS failed her. The editor penned not one, not two, but three heartfelt letters to her general practitioner (GP), imploring support for her health and wellbeing. Regrettably, these pleas seemed to have fallen on deaf ears, as the GP Practice Manager merely entered the letters into the healthcare system without further action, citing that if the editor did not like how the GP surgery operated to find another doctor as they were not obligated to provide any care.

Tragically, because of the PIP rejection (this has happened to her once before which she appealed) and the ensuing emotional distress caused by the DWP’s actions, this remarkable editor has become a virtual recluse, venturing out of her home a mere two times in the last five years. The discriminatory treatment by PIP has not only been a source of humiliation. Still, it has also taken a severe toll on her physical and mental health, leading to a stark deterioration in her overall well-being.

The shocking and deeply troubling case of this editor stands as a glaring example of the injustice that many individuals with disabilities face when attempting to access the support they rightfully deserve. It raises urgent questions about the fairness and accuracy of the PIP assessment process and the vital need for reform to ensure that disabled individuals are treated with the dignity, respect, and compassion they unquestionably deserve.


This courageous editor, who has faced discrimination and unjust rejection of her PIP claim despite her lifelong battle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and clinical depression, and in the last decade cerebellar atrophy and cognitive impairment, believes that her ordeal is a poignant reflection of the challenges many disabled individuals encounter when navigating the intricacies of the support system.

By opening her life and struggles to the public eye, she aims to bring attention to the inherent flaws in the PIP assessment process and the emotional distress and hardship it inflicts on countless disabled individuals. She hopes that her story will resonate with journalists who recognize the urgency of reforming the system to ensure fair treatment, respect, and dignity for those living with disabilities.

Through the power of storytelling, the editor aspires to spark a much-needed conversation about the discrimination faced by disabled individuals and the critical need for change within the system. Her invitation to journalists is a call for empathy, awareness, and solidarity, and she is ready to share her experiences, medical evidence, and personal journey with those who are willing to amplify her message. Together, they can help drive the change needed to ensure a more just and equitable future for all individuals with disabilities.


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