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How To Deal With Grief.

How to Deal With Grief. Grief is a debilitating devastating emotion and it can crush you. Only you will deal with the grief in your own way, there is no right or wrong way and no one can tell you otherwise. What is grief? Grief is a natural process that we experience when it comes […]

Coping With Grief Personal Experience.

Coping With Grief. It has been 17 years since my father passed away and 14 years since my mother departed. On top of losing my parents, I lost my brother 11 years ago. The grieving process has left me bitter and angry inside. Why did half my family die? Why could it not have been […]

Charity Volunteering Benefits

Volunteering is working for free for a good cause. It is a voluntary act by an individual or group freely giving their own time and labour for community service. Some volunteers use their own skills to integrate their services, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue. Others serve on an as-needed basis, such as in response to a natural disaster or fundraising.

My OCD, My Story!

My OCD, My Story, written by an entrepreneur that has adapted her life around her disability. Many neurodevelopmental conditions can often co-exist together, although can be treated in different ways.  OCD rears its ugly head when you find it difficult to cope with life, OCD can be onset of trauma.

PIP Review Digital Form

Disclaimer – Although I phoned PIP last week I have since written other articles which would have pushed this article to the bottom of the pile so I have changed the publishing date to today for easy access even though the article was originally published last week. PIP Review Digital Form. It is my turn […]

Social Disconnection a Personal Perspective.

Social Disconnection a Personal Perspective. I won’t name the person that said to me today, to go find a shrink. This person is one of my close network of connections and I found the comment rude and degrading. According to this individual I obviously, I need to go to the looney bin because I am […]

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