Disability UK.

I am pleased to announce I have secured the shorter version of the “Disabled Entrepreneur” Domain Name. I found when I spoke to people I found that a lot could not spell correctly the word “entrepreneur“, thus I had to think of a new more memorable shorter keyword “Disability UK” and I have finally forwarded my new domain to this site today.

My rebranding marketing strategy was to create a new name, logo, concept combination for my already established brand with the intention of developing a new identity in the minds of my readers.

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The Editor Suffers From OCD & Cerebellar Atrophy. She is an Entrepreneur & Published Author, she writes content on a range of topics, including politics, current affairs, health and business. She is an advocate for Mental Health, Human Rights & Disability Discrimination.

Whilst her disabilities can be challenging she has adapted her life around her health and documents her journey online.

Disabled Entrepreneur - Disability UK Online Journal Offers Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Website Creation, SEO, and Domain Brokering. Disabled Entrepreneur - Disability UK is an open platform that invites contributors to write articles and serves as a dynamic marketplace where a diverse range of talents and offerings can converge. This platform acts as a collaborative space where individuals or businesses can share their expertise, creativity, and products with a broader audience.

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