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There is a social stigma attached to people who have disabilities and ministers of the DWP are making it difficult for people that are disabled to obtain a better quality of life.

Some disabled people need the extra financial help to get about and for disability aids and in my case Dettol, face masks and disposable gloves, disinfectants, and cleaning products.

Some may need to pay someone to do household chores or gardening etc. Some need help to attend doctor’s appointments etc. So there is a whole list of things that disabled people may need to spend their money on just because they have a disability.

This newspaper article is a bit old, two years old in fact but as the journalist suggests the system is very controversial:

Ministers are doing everything in their power to make claims even more difficult. By forcing disabled people back to work they essentially are trying to bring the unemployment levels down.

I understand that in some cases there are some that are playing the system but for the rest of the honest folk that genuinely need financial help, it is unfair to put everyone in the same stratosphere and force them into work when they are genuinely not fit to do so.

Here is a link to other PIP news:

Some people genuinely need financial help especially on low incomes and would not be needing help otherwise.

From my own personal experience, both my daughter and I had our claims rejected in the past even though I have suffered from my disability for over 30 years and my daughter who has a brain, spine lesions and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was told there is nothing wrong with her.

If people are entitled to the money then they should get it without having to beg.

Don’t make a law and then move goalposts. If there is enough medical evidence to corroborate a claim and proof the person has a disability then do not make their lives even more miserable than they already are.

Do not go to lengths of humiliating a person to perform like a performing circus seal,

Degrading a Person because they claim to be disabled.

so that you can assess them. There are Specialist Doctor Consultants & Professors who have enough qualifications to diagnose a person without a person being degraded and have their dignity taken away from them. This in itself is discriminating, traumatic, and extremely humiliating.

People with disabilities do not choose to be disabled. I am sure people if they had a choice they would not choose to be disabled.

People with disabilities may be forced to work or maybe forced into working for themselves if they cannot find suitable work or in some cases, employers may not be willing to employ a disabled person especially for health and safety reasons. It is hard to prove an employer is discriminating if they do not give a job to a disabled person.

A disabled person who cannot make ends meet may consider entrepreneurship as a necessity rather than a desire.

When disabled people are not considered for jobs because of their disabilities as their disability could be a hindrance or health and safety issue the frustration of not finding suitable employment can go one of two ways either the person gives up looking for work, loses confidence and self-esteem or may try to work for themselves if there is no other way.

I chose to work for myself not that I had to but more because I wanted to. I was ready to start back up again after the birth of my daughter and taking time out to raise her I also had a chance to partially heal and return to work. I knew working for someone would not be an ideal option because of my disabilities and in a way regardless if I had a disability or not I would still have chosen to work for myself. I have always been independent. By being self-employed gives you a reason to get up in the mornings and gives you a status that you are your own boss and that you are independent and people can look up to you providing you give them something valuable like a product, service, or a piece of advice.

I find what I do very satisfying and helping people gives me a sense of purpose.


Unlike some disabled people who are on the sick indefinitely and have lost all motivation to go back to work because they have been rejected so many times, I actually do have a purpose.

I know for others it is simply impossible to hold down a job and it would be reckless to stop benefits or force someone to work when their disabilities are so severe or if they are terminally ill that they literally cannot work. Read this article about a terminally ill person that died: People who do not know how to defend themselves will be penalized.

By doing what I am doing is therapy. Not only am I helping others, I am essentially also helping myself. Just because you have a disability and you are mobile (providing it is not severe – depending on the disability) you can still essentially work and if you cannot find work then create one!

If a person is self-employed and disabled and applies for personal independence payment it is not that they cannot work as they are already working and are applying for extra financial support.

This type of person is defined that they are trying to prosper and want some financial help. They cannot be categorized and associated in the same bracket with people who are lazy and want to be unemployed for the rest of their lives and are even perhaps trying to scam the system.

Supporting medical evidence can prove if a person is disabled or not.


Entrepreneurship is not easy. You need to have an idea of what you are trying and achieve and have all the building blocks to build a foundation for your business. You need to learn the skills and master them to perfection. You need to want to do the job rather than having to do the job.

Not everyone has it in them to work for themselves. most are clueless and prefer to just work for someone else. Some just do not have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Consider what you can do to start a business from the ground up, there is tons of information out there if you know where to look.

If you crave independence and want to be your own boss you need to be able to find a niche that you are going to be good at and live and breathe your idea and make it into reality. There are plenty of tools and help on the internet to get you started. There is also a lot of financial support for low-income families on the GOV website:

To Apply For Personal Independance Payments Visit:

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Sending blessing from the disabled entrepreneur.

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