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Renata’s Online Journal of a Disabled Entrepreneur is a diary of her health conditions, her mental health, her business, and her highs, and lows. It may also include reviews and recommendations. Renata’s Online Health Journal covers her goals and achievements, her celebrations as well as her disappointments, and how she tries to recover through self-help therapy.

Renata suffers from OCD (Germ Contamination and Cross Contamination) and Cerebellar Atrophy (losing balance, jumbling up words, and brain fog).

Renata is a Survivor of Domestic Violence and suffers from Depression, PSTD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Intrusive Thoughts, and Social Disconnection.

Despite her trials and tribulations, Renata tries to stay positive and tries to overcome the obstacles she is faced with.

Renata is an advocate for mental health.

Renata is currently studying:
Professional Counselling Grief & Bereavement Diploma
Fully Accredited Professional Psychotherapy Diploma
Accredited Professional Master NLP Practitioner Diploma
Fully Accredited Professional Neuroplasticity Diploma

Her history and her disabilities do not define her, she is taking one step at a time, and she is a ‘Pheonix Rising’.

You can view her virtual business card and learn more about her here: www.irenata.com

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