Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination.

Disability Discrimination is rife especailly if you do not look disabled.

People can draw conclusions without actually looking at the facts and whether it is discrimination in the workplace or an airport people with disabilites have rights and should not be humiliated.

Companies should not pass the buck and should own up to their mis-doings and compensate the person they have discriminated.

Far too often untrained staff can cast judgement and make a disabled person feel degraded and made to look like they are liars when in reality some disabilities are silent.

People with auto immune disorders for example may not necessarily look disabled at a glance. The same applies to people with mental health conditions.

I think everyone who is disabled and diagnosed by a doctor, consultant or professor should carry a disabled card. Not everyone wears a neon sign on their forehead saying they are disabled.

I remember from personal experience refusing to step bare foot on airport flooring whilst I was told to remove my shoes and the looks I was being given as I was holding everyone up was beyond belief. I was then given used plastic shoe covers to cover my feet.

Had I continued making a fuss I would most probably would have been ushered away or refused to go through customs and consquently missing my flight. I had to just bite my tongue and reason with myself that the cross contamination of germs providing they did not get into my blood stream could be washed away as soon as I came home.

This was very distressing and for the two and half hour flight plus the one hour drive home felt like it was taking forever and felt like hell as I could not wait to wash my feet.

Not that I plan to go anywhere any time soon but the next time I plan to travel by air I will be prepared and will have my own shoe protector coverings.

On another occasion just before a court hearing where I was appearing as a witness I was told I could not bring my hand sanitiser past the security gate. You can imagine the commotion I caused whilst solicitors, judges and barristers where trying to get past to the courtrooms, in the end they let me through.

Discrimination is not just for disabled people it can range from, religion, race, gender and age and sexual orientation. Discrimination is the act of judging someone based on the groups, classes, or other categories to which they are perceived to belong to.

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My recommendation including shoes coverings and disability aids.