Working from home is now becoming the new norm and where people with disabilities may find it more difficult to work in normal working environments they can essentially adapt their homes around their disabilites.

The days of lining someone elses pockets whilst you slogg your guts out for someone else are long gone when you finally can say you are your own boss.

You no longer will have to explain yourself to no one and you will not be scrutinised if you come in late or take time off work. You can choose the hours you work to suit you.

The feeling you have once you master how to make a living from the comfort of your armchair is very rewarding and the feeling is amazing. You finally can say you have found a purpose in life.

Working as a entrepreneur does not come without hard work. You have to put in the hours which in turn will make your business into equity. Your business will become your asset once you become successful.

1. You can set your own hours of work

You can choose the hours you work and if you work from home you basically eliminate travel time and travel costs. Some people find it difficult getting up early for work. Working for yourself you get start whenever you are ready and not a minute before. Your efforts will be rewarded by the amount of time you put into your business. What you put in is what you will get out.

2. Scheduling your day around you.

Where before you would need to have a childminder whilst you were at work you now have the freedom to child mind whilst working for your self. Why have a stranger bring up your child when you can do it yourself. By setting up critial time paths (CTP) you can schedule your routine around you home life and your business and have more flexibilty in taking your children to school, doing errands and going to the gym.

3. Setting Foundations                              

A business startup starts with an idea which is branded, foundations set and the wheels are put in motion to allow the business to grow and be nurtured. You need a business plan and carefully construct all the steps to make your business a winning success.

4. Office politics

In a normal working environment, you can not sit and chat you have to get on with your work which you will be scrutinised and even repremanded. On the other hand working for yourself you can choose to chat and for however long you like without it interfering with your work and you won’t have someone looking over your shoulder.

5. Earning potential

It is actually possible to make a decent living from working online, from vlogging, dropshipping and influencing and affiliate marketing. Many millionaire have been made this way. You can also offer services like website design, marketing and SEO. Research and learn everything there is to know about setting a business from home. Remember nothing is guaranteed especially when it come to entrepreneurship. You will only get what you put in. Being an entrepreneur will not make you a millionaire over night, you need to work hard at it to succeed.

6. Turning your Business into a Success

You will have more time to do the things you like once you have built your empire. You will then be able to work as many or as little hours as you like once your business is a success giving you more time to do things you love doing such as painting, photography, travelling, volunteering and charity events etc.

7. The World is your Oyster

You are only a step away from being your own boss and there is pleantly of advice on the internet including books that you can read. Knowledge is Wealth. What you learn no one can take that away and that in itself is an asset.

Here are some books I recommend you reading:

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